Tolkien Societies

When you start collecting Tolkien or already are collecting you might find it usefull to inscribe yourself to a Tolkien Society in your area. Most of them get together very often and also publish a periodical. (Even these periodicals have a very high collectable value!)

It might bring you in contact with other same-minded persons who can help you out in the process of collecting Tolkien books and/or other Tolkien related items, and next to that... just have a lot of fun!
meet other Tolkien fans and collectors at Tolkein Society meetings

Under here is a list of Tolkien Societies. If i mist out some, you can always let me know and then i will add it down here right away.

Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft the German Tolkien Society

Österreichischen Tolkiengesellschaft - Austria
Tol Harndor - Australia
Asociacion Tolkien Argentina - Argentina
Elanor - Belgium
Conselho Branco - Brasil
Endorion - Bulgaria
Wellinghall - Canada
Sociedad Tolkien Chilena - Chili
Sociedad Tolkien Magallanes - Chili
Spolecnost pratel dila J.R.R.Tolkiena - Czech Republic
Bri - Denmark
Imladris Denmark
Keskmaa Ordu - Estonia
Suomen Tolkien Seura - Finland
JRRVF - France
Tokiendil - France
Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft - Germany
The Prancing Pony - Greece
Eorlingas - Indonesia
Israeli Tolkien Society - Israel
Società Tolkieniana Italiana - Italy
L’Associazione romana studi Tolkieniani - Italy
Sociedad Tolkiendili de México - Mexico
Arthedain - Norway
Sociedad Tolkien Peruana - Peru
Tolkien Russki - Russia
Gil-Galad - Slovenia
Sociedad Tolkien Española - Spain
Angmar - Sweden
Caras Galadhon - Sweden
Forodrim - Sweden
Midgard Fylking - Sweden
Mithlond - Sweden
Tol-Eressea - Taiwan
Socieadad Tolkien Uruguay - Uruguay
The Tolkien Society - United Kingdom
Heren Istarion - United States of America
Skies of Rohan - United States of America
The American Tolkien Society - United States of America
Eredain - Switzerland
Unquendor - The Netherlands

Next to the official Tolkien Societies there are a huge amount of Tolkien communities who are doing fantastic and wonderfull work. They are only present on the internet and have a very international audiance and public. Down here i mention some of the more serious and interesting Tolkien Communities. (Once again, if you feel like i missed some important community i am very willing to have a look at it and maybe put it down here).

The Mythopoeic Society
 International organization devoted to mythic literature, including the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Charles Williams and other Inklings.

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