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Lost Fellowship


Username: lostfellowship
Description: Lost Fellowship - The Third Age RPG! Highly dedicated to booklore and the fabulous world of Middle Earth. We are currently looking for main characters, as well as original! Join us today!
URL: http://lostfellowship.proboards.com/
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Member Since: 2007-02-23 00:00:00

Average Rating: 5 / 5
Number of Ratings: 134


2008-03-25 06:51:41
My favourite site on the net!

2007-06-22 01:13:20
The evolving stories are like excellent fanfiction contributed to by different authors; their love of Tolkien and his sworld shines through and the characters burn with energy and realism.

2007-06-21 01:23:05
Wonderful writing, and a love and knowledge of the mythology the Professor created. Intensly readable.

2007-06-20 04:53:42
This site continue's to grow in depth and eloquence, powered by the wonderful imaginations and writing skills of those on it; who love Tolkien and know it in-depth. All these things combined produce writing which is deep, beautiful and fiery.

2007-06-19 01:23:21
Powerful writing, deep love of canon Tolkien and passion for the characters they write. It is that passion which elevates it from others and keeps it burning.

2007-06-18 01:53:56
Wonderful people, deep, intense, compelling writing - and knowledge of Tolkien. Great stuff!!

2007-06-16 04:11:30
Gloriously in depth writing, by people whom are not afraid to explore the depths and heights of evil ,good, love and hate, grief and joy, with mature, readable skill. Those who play as adults, or as Elves, know they are not dealing with unformed children, with chilk-like thoughts and reactions but by people whom have experienced many things, both good and bad.

2007-06-15 01:27:00
Writers of skill and depth, maturity and empathy, and a deep feeing for their characters; compulsive reading, better than FF, and certainly no other rp site is so passionate about their writing, their characters or Tolkiens world.

2007-06-14 09:53:15
Dramatic, eloquent! When so many Elves are portrayed as being wooden, ethereal, rather effeminate creatures, these handlers capture the wild beauty and spirit of the Firstborn in all their glory! Writing on this site is to be constantly challenged to become better, deeper, richer.

2007-06-13 02:48:20
The depth, empathy and stunningly woven stories on here truly put this site above ALL others. It is written with a real PASSION of the soul, with attention to superb characterization. These characters are REAL , not cardboard cut-outs, they have histories, loves, hates, tragedies, faults, doubts, whether Elven or Mortal. Take no notice of where this site is ranked, it blows the others out of the water. There's nothing childish about it, which might intimidate some, nothing fluffy, like the Silmarillion it deals with good and evil maturely, realistically, and poetically.

2007-06-12 15:14:39
Just go and read it, as I did. The writing is intense, and beautiful, from mature and Tolkien loving minds which handles good and evil with equal delicacy and empathy.

2007-06-08 09:40:14
This is a writers forum primarily, and the sheer feeling which goes into the writing elevates this site above the hundres I have seen over the years.

2007-06-07 07:27:55
Far and away the best, for sheer writing skills and knowledge of Tolkien and actual soul and feeling in the writing.

2007-06-05 01:30:33
There is no better site. Better than fanfiction, redolent with knowledge, but most importantly, written with great deoth, great love, and enormous talent.

2007-06-04 03:00:17
Powerful, and beautiful stories are unfolding here. Blending imagination, with canon Tolkien, enriching canon characters and oroginal ones in a spellbinding whole.

2007-06-02 17:41:08
Fantastically readable, better than any fanfiction site, for these people know Tolkien, and wow, can they write!

2007-05-31 01:46:01
Excellent. Beautiful wriing, stories which unfold in detail, canon knowledge and beautiful eloquence!

2007-05-30 02:26:22
Superbly deep, emotionally mature writing of characters both canon and original, whom are handled with empathic knowledge of their race and history, beautiful!

2007-05-29 13:22:13
Beautiful, knowleagebale stories, this is not role-play, per se, but something far more deep and sophisticated, stories added to by each character. Well done!

2007-05-26 06:35:17
There is such depth to these people who write with love and power and knowledge of Tolkien!

2007-05-25 10:43:42

2007-05-24 07:15:31
Wonderful, friendly staff, whom know Tolkien in depth, all the handlers on here effortlessly produce superb writing

2007-05-23 02:05:51
Wonderful posting, showing a depth, love and knowledge of Tolkien, while handling with grace and elegance, some very wonderful original and canon characters

2007-05-22 07:08:13
The writing gets deeper, and more eloquwnt each day, as these writers and Tolkien lovers reach into themselves to play complex, deep characters with authenticity and love

2007-05-20 04:04:14
The best bar none, for many reasons, the depth, maturity of characters, empathic understanding of whom they play, and love and knowledge of Tolkien

2007-05-19 06:24:18
Wonderful characters, who take on life and form, and lovely people behind them. A writers site, for people whom love JRRT.

2007-05-18 09:28:02
Magnificent, deep, eloquent writing. Powerful, intricate '' real '' characters.

2007-05-17 01:31:32
Deep and beautiful beyond words, and written within canon, this is without a doubt the best writing/rp site on the 'net.

2007-05-16 01:34:31
Every time I read a new post, I am thriled, transported into Middle-earth, with love and eloquence, by the writers here. Wonderful, friendly and helpful staff, and such talent. 6/5!!

2007-05-13 18:37:14
I continue to hold that this is the one and only post-by-play role play for anyone who loves to write and adores Middle Earth.

2007-05-13 03:20:21
In depth, with intensely explored emotions, and amazing empathy. Evolving into something magnificent before our eyes

2007-05-12 02:50:36
''Epic '' writing, mature in spiritual understanding of complex characters and lovingly crafted within Tolkien's world.

2007-05-11 01:44:19
Super! Writers who show such depth and love for Tolkiens works, and their characters simply shine from the pages!

2007-05-10 03:18:54
Eloquent, flowing, deep writing. No true Tolkien lover could ask for anything more inspiring.

2007-05-09 06:21:00
Ever evolving and beautifully compsed stories, written with fire and eloquence and love of Tolkien's world.

2007-05-08 06:29:04
The best writing, the most realistic, heartfelt, deep and beautiful stories on the internet

2007-05-06 02:35:52
These people are actually writers, nor '' role-players ''. It is compulsive reading from people who love JRRT and know him, and have the talent's to flesh out his characters ( or their own creations) with great love and eloquent story telling .

2007-05-05 04:03:44
There's nothing careful or stilted about this, eloquently beautiful. A deep knowledge of Tolkien, creativity, and deep characterization - which is what all readers look for and all writers should aim for. 10/10? No, it's out of the envelope, beyond rating!!

2007-05-04 02:24:16
Tolkien soul food. What characters. They emerge from the screen with love and passion and depth. Something I have never seen on any other site. And oh yes, they know Tolkien, extremely well!!

2007-05-03 04:27:19
Ahhh the love and power of these writers souls! Their characters flame of the screen with love, with depth, as was hinted in the books, especially the Silm but not always explored. These people clothe themsleves in their creations and live them, and they become completely real!

2007-05-02 11:12:39
There are other sites where people know Tolkien inside out, but the writing, while it may be prolific, is stuffy, and without passion or emotion for the characters they play. This is not, this has fire all through it, a true love and comprehensive knowledge of Tolkien allied to writers who burn with vitality for their people!

2007-05-01 03:17:57
On this site you learn as you read. A truly gifted colection of people who know Tolkien and write with amazing depth and literacy

2007-04-30 09:25:17
Deep, eloquently written, this site breathes with a love of Tolkiens works, felt in the soul, and described with reverence, the characters, both canon and original, handled with love and empathy. Too good to be true!

2007-04-29 02:26:16
I continue to be impressed and delighted by the interactive role play on her and the depth of the characters. While it won't appeal to those who only enjoy short posts, if one is a writer,who knows Tolkien it is the ONLY place to be. The Blue Ribband Middle-earth role-play sites!

2007-04-28 04:52:44
Each post seems to improve in spiritual maturity, depth, love and understanding of Tolkien and his mythos. I have never seen better!

2007-04-27 01:37:18
Lovingly written, beautiful characterisation. A site for true writer, and those who love Tolkien.

2007-04-26 05:47:48
Rating , or reviewing, does not really do this site justice. Can you write? Do you love Tolkien? That's all I can say. Audition for this site!

2007-04-25 15:15:54
Better than all the rest combined, this site attracts excellent writers and people who know Tolkien, which means, it attracts only the best!

2007-04-24 01:35:50
This is advanced and also beautiful role-play, from people with a love of Tolkien. Wonderful

2007-04-23 02:53:24
The best site on the net for canon-based role-play, however it is so much more than role play, it is interactive fanfiction, the stories deep, and writen with elegance, eloquence and love.

2007-04-22 02:30:06
Beautiful interactive stories, from people who know and love Tolkien

2007-04-21 01:29:04
You can read of the First Age, and the Third, and immerse yourself in Tolkien's Middle-earth with writers who love it and have read of it.

2007-04-20 03:33:51
Lovingly, beautifully written, with a huge and reverent knowledge of booklore, I would rate this site higher, were I able.

2007-04-19 02:31:18
Superlative, mature writing with feeling, knowledge and '' soul . ''

2007-04-18 05:27:22
For Tolkien lovers who also love to write, this is far removed from what now passes for '' role play '' on other sites. And there is one crucial factor which it has and no other , mature , beautiful characterization, and soul. These characters spring to life as you read them, a loving, intelligent, eloquent tribute to Tolkien.

2007-04-17 02:52:14
With reverence and love for Tolkiens works in their writing, and a depth of empathy and understanding of both canon and original characters, these writers are in a different category altogether from most RP sites.

2007-04-16 04:26:45
The best for sheer quality on the 'net!

2007-04-15 06:00:25
Superlative characters and writing! The BEST on the ' net!

2007-04-13 04:06:58
Superb site for Tolkien lovers and writers! It's standards are wonderfully high

2007-04-12 17:49:10
Definitely THE BEST M-E site on the 'Net... but it's not for the illiterate and it is definitely an IN-DEPTH place! Come in, sit a spell and become entranced with LOST FELLOWSHIP!

2007-04-12 09:02:42
The best written , canon dedicated site I have ever found!!

2007-04-11 05:33:47
There should be a new category for this site, a category for '' Excellent '' sites, not just popular ones full of bad speeling, bad characterization and ignorance. This deserves a new rating!

2007-04-10 06:56:20
Look no further. For superb writers and true lovers of Tolkien only!

2007-04-08 04:06:33
This deserves a rating all of it's own. There's no, NO comparison with other sites. This is literate, beautiful, maturely written, canon based Tolkien role-play, which among all sites does not shame the Professor with puerile idiocies.

2007-04-06 10:55:14
Wonderful! Puissant!

2007-04-04 10:43:21
This site should be at the top of every board. I've seen most sites and this one still awes me!

2007-04-03 10:44:45
Poetic and beautiful writing, this site is far and away the best I have found.

2007-04-01 06:12:06
Superb writing, wonderful characters, this site shows up every other one I have found.

2007-03-31 15:13:14
Some people can write well; some people know Tolkiens works in great depth. These characters bring both together in harmony, this site is the only one which FEELS truly as if one enters Middle-earth.

2007-03-30 01:11:34
Thrilling, moving writing, wonderful characters, this site is in a class of its own

2007-03-29 13:33:19
You are the BEST writers of Tolkien on any forum, I have ever seen in 6 years. Your characterisation is superb!

2007-03-27 04:39:24
I LOVE you all in this fabulous site! What a find! Intensly beautiful writing, superb characterisations, canon knowledge, lovely people! Pure gold!!

2007-03-26 02:24:36
No other site compares in eloquence and beauty of the role play , as this one. Intermediate to very advanced, this is THE site for all true Tolkien-ites!!

2007-03-25 03:49:58
Friendly admin and staff, they also care and love Tolkiens works, deeply, this can be seen by reading the wonderful posts. Like a diamond in a coal heap, it is a precious jewel among the ash and slag of all other sites.

2007-03-24 02:10:13
When so many sites take delight in butchering Tokien - this one is sheer delight, and a relief to find, beautiful and in depth writing, and pure love of JRRT. Advanced role-play,knowlege of the Professors world and people. A joy to read!

2007-03-23 06:12:38
It took me too long to find this site. I have never seen such depth and knowledge in any role-play. Superlative.

2007-03-22 02:37:55
No other site compares to The Lost Fellowship . After 5 years of searching through the fog of dreadful sites, Earendil shone through the murk and guided me to this!

2007-03-21 13:38:00
North or South, East or West, this site's better than the rest!

2007-03-21 10:11:10
Superbly written, beautifully rolep-played, for true lovers of Tolkiens world. Best site I have seen in 6 years. A masterpiece compared to the huge amount of poorly written, uncanonical, Tolkien-trashing, Mary Sue plagued sites out there.

2007-03-19 12:50:24
This site is fantastic in that it manages to flawlessly combine Tolkien's books with Peter Jackson's film. The character handlers are amazing people and writers, the discussions on the OOC boards range from "What do you think happened to Thranduil's wife?" to linguistic conversations regarding the different dialects of Elvish. Currently, there is also talk of the members of the site re-reading The Silmarillion to discuss it. Where else can you find this much reverence for Tolkien's beautiful life's work?

2007-03-09 13:14:58
The Lord of the Rings was never played better!

2007-03-09 06:14:55
Canon fans and good writers - this is where you should be

2007-03-08 13:42:20

2007-03-06 04:05:28
Stunning and beautiful role play from writers who know their Tolkien

2007-03-03 07:22:17
This is for real lovers of Tolkien and Middle Earth. beautiful!

2007-02-26 01:58:12
Beautifu, dedicated, super admin and mods. Excelent.

2007-02-24 09:32:24
Writers who love Tolkien, not love ruining his works, highly talented writers, a true atmosphere of Middle Earth, a deep love of their characters, and very friendly people behind them. Compulsive reading!

2007-02-23 21:38:29
OMG! I love this site! The writing is soo good.

2007-02-23 14:56:22
It has really literate and nice people who know everything about the Lord of the Rings!

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