The Tolkien Library TOP 100 - The very best Tolkien websites on the web

  Title - Description This Month Average Stats
46 Les Archives de Gondor - A french website about Tolkien, especially Bilbo the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.
Category: Articles and Essays Neutral
1 1.1 Stats
47 Elven Plugboard - So many fun ways to advertise your site for FREE: Try the new Plugboard of the elves!
Category: Directories Neutral
1 1 Stats
48 LOTRfanclub Scrapbook - Active, extensive archives of writings, poetry, essays and other works by Tolkien fans including a Tolkien book covers gallery. A family friendly, slash-free site. Links to Fellowship of Middle-earth forums.
Category: Communities Neutral
1 0.5 Stats
49 The Tolkien Café - he Tolkien Café is a place where Tolkien oriented RP and discussion of Tolkien's works meet. Enter into a fantasy world of Hobbits and Elves, Dwarves and Men, and much more! The Café was created as a relaxing atmosphere to have fun in a fantasy realm.
Category: Communities Neutral
1 1.7 Stats
50 Hell on Middle-Earth - A LoTR Battle For Middle Earth & Tolkien Fan site. We have a custom RPG that invovles conquering Middle Earth. So Join this new Forum today!
Category: Communities Neutral
1 1.7 Stats
51 Mordor ~ The Land of - Come and explore the darkerside of Tolkien's Midd'e-earth
Category: Image Galleries Neutral
1 1.9 Stats
52 The Fourth Horizon - A Lord of the Rings Role Play community with active staff, a great and friendly community, and a highly original plot.
Category: Communities Neutral
1 0.1 Stats
53 The Council of Elrond - A general purpose site with discussionforums, Elvish language lessons, an encyclopedia, a gallery
Category: Communities Neutral
0 1.8 Stats
54 Elven Gifs - Fantasy Gifs and dividers for your site!
Category: Image Galleries Neutral
0 3.7 Stats
55 Il Bosco dei Sapori - Tolkien & fantasy recipes!
Category: Academic Neutral
0 2 Stats
56 Books Tell You Why - Rare books and author signed books, large selections of first edition titles. Antiquarian children's books, biographies of famous people, old and out-of-print copies.
Category: Commercial Neutral
0 1.2 Stats
57 Lord Of The Rings Movies and Games - Yüzüklerin efendisi ile ilgili hersey
Category: Tolkien movies Neutral
0 0.7 Stats
58 Telpeath's Gift - A website that hosts a gallery, fan fictions, a forum, and even Website Awards. This and much more on Telpeath's Gift.
Category: Communities Neutral
0 0.1 Stats
59 Heren Istarion:The Northeast Tolkien Society - NEW URL: Founded in September 2000 by Anthony Burdge, Heren Istarion: The North East Tolkien Society is officially registered with the Tolkien Society U.K.
Category: Academic Neutral
0 1.5 Stats
60 The Legend Comes To Life - A Lord of the Rings fan site.. with a story line of LotR, graphics, media, contests, awards and much more!
Category: Tolkien movies Neutral
0 0.6 Stats