The Tolkien Library TOP 100 - The very best Tolkien websites on the web

  Title - Description This Month Average Stats
16 Heren Istarion:The Northeast Tolkien Society - NEW URL: Founded in September 2000 by Anthony Burdge, Heren Istarion: The North East Tolkien Society is officially registered with the Tolkien Society U.K.
Category: Academic Neutral
3 1.7 Stats
17 Tolkien Forums - A site for all Middle-earth enthusiasts! With ranking Kindoms, Quizzes, Timelines, Maps and of the course the Forums themselves.
Category: Communities Neutral
2 4 Stats
18 The Gathering of the Elves - A fun place to join! Great community spirit; lots to do. Great roleplays, custom-made banners/avs, fanfics, discussion threads (on every subject!), poetry, parties, and more! We love new members - we await you with eager anticipation!
Category: Communities Neutral
2 2.5 Stats
19 Tolkien Library - Tolkien Library: a descriptive and illustrated guide to collecting Tolkien books
Category: Tolkien collectors Neutral
2 6.4 Stats
20 Elvenpath - Walk the magical path of the Elves ...Forum, Chat, Games, Plugboard, top 100, E-cards, tales of the forest and much more!
Category: Tolkien collectors Neutral
2 3.6 Stats
21 - Dedicated to Meriadoc 'Merry' Brandybuck and J. R. R. Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings'. Movie Galleries with over 3000 images, Merry Info, Movie Info, Fanlisting, Awards, Wallpapers, E-cards, Downloads, Humor section, Tolkien section and many more.
Category: Tolkien movies Neutral
2 3.5 Stats
22 One Ring to rule them all - a fansite of Tolkien & the LOTR films.
Category: Tolkien movies Neutral
2 1.2 Stats
23 The Council of Elrond - A general purpose site with discussionforums, Elvish language lessons, an encyclopedia, a gallery
Category: Communities Neutral
2 2.7 Stats
24 The U.S. Tolkien Guide - A guide to locating every edition of every book by author J.R.R. Tolkien published in the United States. Listed chronologically by title and format, with photos and ISBNs (if applicable).
Category: Tolkien collectors Neutral
2 2.3 Stats
25 Lord of the Rings Dreams -
Category: Organizations Neutral
2 2.7 Stats
26 Tolkieniano - Tolkien collector
Category: Tolkien collectors Neutral
2 4.6 Stats
27 Books Tell You Why - Rare books and author signed books, large selections of first edition titles. Antiquarian children's books, biographies of famous people, old and out-of-print copies.
Category: Commercial Neutral
2 1.8 Stats
28 Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza - 5 years on the web. Extensive lore archives. RP. LotR based games. Movie and book discussions. Over 70,000 members worldwide. Ranks, points, houses and a Battle Arena.
Category: Communities Neutral
2 1.9 Stats
29 Frodo Forever - A Frodo Baggins fansite with galleries, icons, wallpaper, avatars, pictures, and much much more! Online and active since 2003.
Category: Image Galleries Neutral
2 4.4 Stats
30 Greisinger Museum - Greisinger Collection - The museum houses the Greisinger Collection (GC), Bernd Greisinger's private collection focused on "Middle-earth", the world's largest and most important of its kind which consists primarily of art and literature as well as collectors' items of any kind.
Category: Tolkien collectors Neutral
2 8.6 Stats